Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Region times:

50 free: :28.37
100 fly: 1:07.98!!!

I made the state team, but I was 2nd alternate--therefore I didn't legitimately swim in state. But I got a deck pass and all the hip hop of being on the state team. (: I'll definately make it next year.

So my boy left on his mission, that was SSSUUUPPPEEERRR hard, but I'm moving on now. It's been about a month and a half. He's doing the right thing, and I'm having fun in high school. (:

LICENSE!!! I love to drive!!! better start getting warm. I hate the cold. I seriously want to curl up into a ball and throw up then die every time I look out the window and there's a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Ew. It makes me sick.

Well...Job hunting is definately boring. I don't want to workkkkk......Stressful....

I hate drama. And stuck up, cocky people. (Welcome to High school...)


Monday, November 15, 2010


most recent times:

100 fly: 1:08.17
50 free: 28.67

i'm seated 21st in state in fly...they take the top 25. go me(:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

dear mister darcy...

don't ask me about the title, i have no idea.

hmm.... high school (: i love bingham. its the best thing that has happened to me. so many new faces. plus, i got asked to homecoming! its in like... three weeks.

swimming started this week... i love my team... bingham swimming... <3 ... my shoulder healed, and now i'm building up strength. my end of summer times:
100 free--1:04
100 breast--1:19
100 fly--1:12
100 IM--1:15

i'm basically dating my best friend. hes the best ever(:

well...hopefully i remember to update this more often.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

oh dear.

Wow i'm horrible at this posting thing. well lotsa stuff has happened since christmas.

i'm starting up piano again, and i've started performing again. swimming just took up way too much time in my schedule.

I'm sick of middle school. I need to go to bingham... pronto... i hate the sevies.. i hate eigth graders... i just wanna be older. i'm getting my permit really soon.

swimming has gone great, the high school season ended about a month ago. we totally owned region, boys and girls. i took 5th in breastroke(: i get a letterman jacket. (: and then state... wow. stress overload. boys took third and girls took fifth, which is absolutely great(: i can't wait til next season. i love my team<3>

hmmm...... i haven't had a boyfriend in four months. the last one? it ended cuz he lost sight of me and kinda just played me. but its okay because we are like still best friends. hes the best(: and i still like the guy i've had a crush on for over a year. and he likes me(: we aren't a thing. but we kinda like eachother(:

big news? i get my braces off tomorrow(: heres me now... (well in november.. i haven't changed much... cept now i'm way super white...)

well, i'll update later.
Haylee, over and out.

New Years Resolutions!!!!

*stop biting my nails
*make new friends
*qualify for state
*date a l o t
*be like buddah and refrain from worldly things... ;)

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